What does our Corporate Records System Offer?

YourCorporateNeeds Software Inc. has developed a Microsoft(TM) Excel-based corporate records system that enables users to enter information about their corporations into an Excel sheet, store the data in a Microsoft(TM) Access database file and produce both annual and transactional documents in PDF format with relative ease.

View the video to the right for a brief overview of our corporate records system and some of its features.

We offer a modestly priced software solution that acts as a data management system and produces individual or packages of documents from templates that can be easily modified to incorporate your requirements and style. We focus on individuals and aspiring groups of legal professionals who can effectively use a "stand-alone" implementation for their corporate records practice.

The YCN Corporate Records System is aimed at a different market than larger and more complex solutions. We are focusing on providing our application to individuals and smaller but aspiring groups of professionals:

Platform - The software was developed as an MS Excel-based solution because Excel is familiar to many users, presents a simple data entry environment, allows easy creation and modification of document templates, and has a powerful VBA programming environment within which to implement and extend the corporate records system.

Stand-Alone - The software is intended to be run by one user at a time and the MS Access data file is not implemented with record-locking and other multi-user security mechanisms inherent in relational database systems like Oracle and SQL Server. This limitation is appropriate to many users and is reflected in reduced IT complexity, service costs and price.

Data Location - Data is maintained on the user's computer in an MS Access database file rather than on a web-based server or in the cloud. While this may seem to be a limitation, for legal professionals concerned about where their data resides and how data is transported over the Internet (with potential security and hacking issues) having data maintained on their own computers with firewalls and security procedures in place may be attractive.

Licence and Maintenance - Upon the one-time payment of the licence fee, a licensed user receives a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use Release 1.x of the software. There are no ongoing annual maintenance fees or monthly service fees.

Price - The fee for a Full Version licence is a one-time payment of US$ 149 (plus applicable sales taxes).

Operating System - Our corporate records system currently operates only under Microsoft(TM) Windows - a version that operates under Apple(TM) IOS is not yet available.

View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our corporate records system by pressing the FAQs tab or select the Feature tab at the top of the page to download the FAQ document. From the Feature tab, you can also download both the Trial Version to assist in evaluating the fit of our software to your needs and the Full Version if you choose to purchase a fully functional copy.

Example of Annual Shareholder Documents

The Full Version of our MS Excel-based corporate records system with sample databases and supporting spreadsheets to import/export data from the database is priced at US$ 149.

The free Trial Version to assist you in evaluating the fit of our software to your need can be downloaded under Feature.

The Main sheet navigates the user to each information category (corporate names, directors, officers, shareholdings, addresses, etc.) and launches the creation of documents in PDF format for annual meetings/resolutions and transactions.

Documents are specific to the date selected by the user (from a dropdown menu of transaction relevant dates) and reflect applicable information on that date.

Document templates are provided and can be supplemented or modified to meet your needs or style.

Add/modify them yourself or have your local software person familiar with Excel to do so for you. Our development staff can also be engaged for custom work at US$ 149/hour. See details under Support and Services.

We have included a a six-minute introductory video and a series of instructional videos on this website. To view, please click on Videos at the top or bottom of this page.

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