Introductory and Instructional Videos

The following videos are designed to provide users with an introduction to YourCorporateNeeds Software Inc.'s corporate records system and then provide more specific information about particular topics in using the system such as how to create entries for a new corporation, delete an existing corporation, modify existing document templates and create custom document templates.

Video 1 - Introduction 

(6:22 minutes)

Video 2 - Getting Started with the Trial Version

(4:46 minutes)

Video 3 - Creating New Corporations

(4:46 minutes)

Video 4 - Corporations - Deleting, Marking for Selection and Revision History

(5:40 minutes)

Video 5 - Modifying Document Templates

(9:16 minutes)

Video 6 - Creating Custom Document Templates

(7:41 minutes)

Video 7 - Customizing Document Templates for Different Jurisdictions

(5:09 minutes)

Video 8 - Exporting and Importing data with Microsoft Access Databases

(6:37 minutes)

Video 9 - Using Microsoft Access with Corporate Records

(1:53 minutes)

Video 10 - Loading Information about People to Microsoft Access Database

(3:29 minutes)